Narcissist Beat Down Reality Show Style

narcissism-its-all-about-me-01The Narcissist. ICK factor on steroids. A toxic poison that has flooded like a tsunami into our lives these days, drowning us with its vicious suffocating torturous chant of “MeMeMe” and then more of Me!

It’s nauseating to say the least, but popular, as it leeches into people’s minds like maggots feasting on garbage, thru the media, with it’s hyper self indulgent reality shows, it’s sickening, gluttonous food shows, it’s gossip rags, it’s Selfie Nation members, and it’s FaceBook worshippers. Yea, it’s all here and it is revolting, and to steal a popular quote from back in the day – Get Used to It! But only to those whose vision is amped up, actually see the spectacle as it is. The emperor minus the clothes trick. Meaning-  a joke on everybody. Everybody is getting played. The synchophanatic public media minions are being played for fools as these self- lovers get their thrills, their finances, their gaudy houses, their phony lovers,  and their heinous plastic faces, from JQPUBLIC!  HELLO……!!!???

facebook-narcissist-02Narcissism. Who even knew what that word meant 30 years ago? Or ten years ago? Not me. And I had a close relationship with one.  Intentionally, and innocently. A dangerous combo. The 4th cocktail you should NOT have drunk. The absinthe mixed with brandy, Toulouse Lautrec kept stashed in a vial in his walking stick, always available for easy consumption, also lethal. “The Maiden Blush, The Earthquake,” his death defying cocktail mixes were similar to the tightrope walking that people engage in with narcissists. One step over and you are a dead man. Or woman.

narcissist-test-03Who  could anticipate the  the trap,  that messy, nasty, ugly, mucky,  quicksand that engaging in a relationship with a narcissist could create?

Reality shows today depict these JackHoles as glamorous, wealthy, successful cool, people to be envied and imitated. We know that in reality, and I mean in Real Time, they are anything but cool. The Out of Time, Out of Mind Opposite!  Like the naive individuals who get trapped in the narcissist quicksand, the reality shows, of today’s television cable money machine  also trap the viewers in their own gravity defying void  of self-love indulgent shock value hype. The so -called misnomer -“reality shows ” is actual money, ego ,maniacal behavior, materialism, lust ,and superficiality posing  as a desirable quest where in truth, the reality is the unreality. Truth is Fiction in that world.

Are you getting it?

The truth is the lie.

The lie is the truth.

But it’s all good as long as JQ pays for it.


narcissist-traits-04The so-called misnomer of reality shows is actually non reality!  But years ago, nobody knew or cared about the danger of narcissist/sociopaths, while today the minions are equally naive about the danger of falling into the empty abyss that these reality shows , this Facebook Fantasy World, this Selfie obsession , can bring to the mental miasma of the everyday follower.

With each and every click of a Kim K story, a Beverly Hills HouseWhore, a Million-Air- Head matchmaker, an Atlanta hood housewive, or a Duggar – pay as we proliferate – it doesn’t matter who or what, fact is that  we are making them RICH. Giving  attention to those who have nothing except the straight out nerve to flaunt their shit on a public forum for us to “get jiggy with it.”UGH.

Truth hurts.

narcissistic-personality-disorder-05The viewer becomes a victim of the “narcissistic supply source ” the necessary crack cocaine fix that fills his crazy sicko need, satisfying the neurotic craving like any street crack head.

The reason these people put themselves out there is NARCISSISM. They need US to keep them alive,  breathing,  and worthy of the life they try to  live,  that is sooo not worthy.

It takes two to tango.

Kerouac needed Cassidy and vice versa.

Pollack needed his equally talented wife, Lee Krasner, to keep afloat, painting future masterpieces, until even she couldn’t save him!

selfie-narcissist-06Picasso, narcissist imperial , sucked the blood vampire style, out of every woman who had the misfortune to know him.

Gertrude Stein played Queen of the May to her lackey at command , Alice B.  Toklas , so she could experience the luxury of spinning out her repetitive literary drivel . And,  yes,  the rose remains a rose, no matter what.

Anais Nin, spent a lifetime recording her every mundane thought in journals, eventually published, recounting the narcissistic personality disorder afflicting her life, and destroying every relationship she fooled the naive into. How else would she manage to keep TWO husbands simultaneously???? Two husbands, multiple lovers, the most profound being her own love of HERSELF!!!!

teresa-guidice-flips-table-07The vampire needs a body to stay alive. The narcissist needs the minions supply, including neediness, low self esteem, dysfunction, attention, worship, praise, interest, admiration, in order to breathe, just  like the vampire needs  blood.

Noticing the increasing stories online, of the lovelorn,  their hideous experiences with narcissists,  over the past year I realized  that now that it has been exposed on many sociological levels,  from the bedroom to the boardroom,  television, cinema,  the internet,  the selfie, facebook,  it is out there ——

And needs to be checked!!!!!!

why-do-narcissists-ignore-you-10Anyone who has had the misfortune to be in a relationship with a Narcissist,  male, or female , has been Schooled! Aware  of its insidious danger. it’s Jekyll and Hyde duplicity, it’s empty shell psychosis, it’s un empathetic DNA ,  it’s insanity. Watch out! These TV shows,  and the selfie nation, the facebk phenomena,compadres, unified in their Me First needs,  are all components of the narcissist play book,  toxic  as powerfull arsenic, lethal as Lautrec’s EarthQuake Cocktail. ready to maim, kill, and destroy at the moment of pleasure !

lisa-vanderpump-09The Narc has no feelings of empathy for anyone . ANYONE. They just don’t give a shit. They play by their own invented sadistic rules. Other people do not count. The players in the “Reality”shows are no different. They care only about their image,  the mirror, the mask, the mirage,  they submit on their resume  to the needy public,  desperate to be entertained, empty lives, on the clock, numbed, coddled, pacified, as they watch people expose revolting examples of inhumanity, in their personal lives,  in the name of entertainment with payback. Or  paycheck. Ugh. It’s a No Fly Zone for the mind and if you enter – do so with caution because it’s extremely lethal.

patti-stranger-millionaire-matchmaker-08We may have the misfortune of watching ” NeNe ” and her sycophants,  or “Vanderpump” and her crew, ” Kimmye” and her ass, or the ” Millionaire Matchmaker”,  who seems to have a hard time getting matched up herself,  but poses as  an expert, to the unquestioning public, selling her shtick with her foul mouthed vulgarities pushing the desperate phonies into sudo fake relationships for their own narcissistic gain.

Who  wants to Meet a Millionaire?  she screeches ???!!!!!!

Have we really succumbed to that low level of desperation? Where we watch a woman who is Old and Single  to tell US how to find love? Yes we have and it’s pathetic. Narcissism. On. Steroids.

kardashian-narcissism-12Kim K? What IS that? Her ass, her sex partners, her fake wedding, her bikini wax, her new book “Selfish”????? Only today would something that irrelevant fly!

Where’s the LOVE? Not the self- love or a.k.a. love of self. The love we identify as Unconditional? Where did it go? The love William Blake  speaks of in his soulful poetry, or Kahlil Gibran in his epic, ” The Prophet”, or Henry Miller,  in his lusty tropics , or Kerouac in his journey down the “road”, or Hemingway,  sitting in La Closerie des Lilas in Paris, scribbling in his journals waiting for a breakthrough, or Rilke , poet incarnate,  lovelorn, wandering the lonely streets of Paris , scribbling poems , searching for his next meal,  or Armistead Maupin, describing his San Francisco tales of gay life in the  sixties, ” Tales of the City”,  or the indomitable Patty Smith in “Just Kids”,  her autobiographical story of  life with acclaimed photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe  in Greenwich  Village during the early 60’s. This was the Real Deal! No reality show necessary!

why-do-narcissists-ignore-you-10What we have now is an empty fake take on love , falsified by our reality tv icons , posing as cool and gorgeous and hip and rich,  selling their bs to the subservient public who make these idiots rich, famous, and popular,  by a mere click of the remote sending them further and further into fame and fortune. It’s a trivial pursuit of celebrity status , egos built on the publics shallow needs.

When will we stop? Will we stop?

Maybe it’s time for something new?

You THiNK????????

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