Nick & Amy | Tricking the Narcissist

** Spoiler Alert – Parts of the movie “Gone Girl” are described in the post below ** Nick and Amy. Amy and Nick. Who are they really? Characters in Gillian Flynns novel transformed into the sensational cinema hit “Gone Girl. Nick the malignant narcissist. Amy, his borderline sociopathic wifey.  The imperfect beautiful couple. I went downContinue Reading

Love/Hate – Dictate

To Live is to Love is to Hate.  Have you ever stood in front of a painting, turned the pages of the latest hot novel, or sat in an audience at Carnegie Hall, experiencing a conflicting mix of feelings, where both love and hate, create  a toxic mix of ambivalent emotions as you looked, read, listened? TheContinue Reading

To Serve & Be Served

Server:  ” A person whose responsibility it is to provide assistance to another person.” Typically artists have had day jobs in order to support themselves. Making art, though personally rewarding can also be financially challenging. The actor, writer, painter, poet has worked in cafés, bars, restaurants, shops, bookstores, in order to support himself. To surviveContinue Reading

Six Degrees to Kandinsky

“Color directly influences the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays touching one key or another purposively to cause vibrations in the soul”. Kandinsky, the Russian born artist said that. He said a lot of profound, unique, soulfulContinue Reading

Walk the Walk Flaneur Style!

The definition of a “flaneur” loosely stated is “the art of strolling”. A flaneur is an “idler, a man or woman of leisure, a street connoisseur, an urban explorer”. Isn’t that just an inflated way of describing a person who walks? Not really. If you are engaged in the act of walking, practically speaking, such asContinue Reading

Dream Onnnnn

Genius & Dreamers. The Yin and the Yang. The Yes and the No. The Up and the Downs, the Roof and the Basement. So, this very cool writer named Jonathon Carroll in one of his books titled ” Outside the Dog Museum” says This about genius: “Geniuses are allowed to do anything. Picasso was aContinue Reading

Naked Artist

Setting my sights on a gallery day I choose the WOW show in NYC. Jeff Koons at the Whitney! Well, how do I describe his work? Big. Check. Color. check. Eye Candy. Check. Attention Getting. Check but….. I think Koons has done a fantastic job of pulling a fast one on the public’s ( ThatContinue Reading

“So What?” from the Pope of Pop

In “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol”, Warhol, discusses in a chapter entitled, Time, his “So What” theory. It’ s pretty radical in it’s simplicity, and it’s an awesome freeing message! Andy says ” sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, “So What?” “My mother didn’t loveContinue Reading

Writers & Artists Love Affair

Writers and artists have always carried on a clandestine love affair between the pages and on the canvas. Life gets expressed through the visual, and the literal, and both genres meld as they influence and are influenced in a mutual admiration society giving to the world the unique perspectives through the combined literary and art expression. This isContinue Reading

Distraction Traction

So word on the Street is that people today would rather be electrocuted than spend 15 minutes alone with their own thoughts! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this bizarre yet clearly Orwellian statement. Ok. So for many people today, thoughts, represent pain. Pain that is so excruciating, that jolts of electricity, pulsatingContinue Reading

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