Friending the Enemy ArtStyle

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. Between the two lies Resistance.”

art-inspiration-artists-lives-01Steven Pressfield knocks IT out of the park in his revolutionary book : “The War of Art”. If you haven’t picked this up yet- well it’s time that you did! It is EPIC. A short read, compact, Yet packing super adrenaline laced power in it’s 163 pages that overflow with pure, inspiring, motivating, creative truths! Clearly Pressfield knows what he is talking about and lucky for us decided to write it down and share it with the world!

stephen-pressfield-war-of-art-quote-02Any creative who has not read this art Bible is cheating themselves, because the core message gives us art people the mental tools we need in order to combat, maim, and ultimately kill RESISTANCE! Only then will you be able to pursue your dream, your “Vein of Gold” – as Julia Cameron, author of another artist Bible “The Artists Way”, defines it, in spite of the naysayers, the threats, the enemies of distraction and procrastination attempting to thwart your passion, your path, your power.


art-inspiration-artists-lives-05Pressfield lays it out so clear, so concise, so real. He has lived it, learned it, earned it, and loves it. You will read this book many times, until you get it and then you will read it again just to confirm and inject some needed art plasma into your vein. Of Gold.

Picasso-Fernande-Olivier-04Right now I am reading a wonderful memoir by Fernade Olivier, in which she describes her relationship with Picasso, in their early twenties, in Paris, painting in his hole-in-the-wall studio, known now as the Famous Chateau Lavoir, freezing and burning, in Monmartre during the early 1900’s. Talk about resistance! It was an ongoing challenge he fought 24/7 /365! Painting while starving and just barely managing to survive.

For the artist this is an eternal, persisting life story. Whether it be surviving the environment, social picasso-guernica-painting-inspiration-03condemnation, or internal resistance, there will always be some challenge to overcome. The more invasive the artists resistance is, the less he or she paints, dances, writes, photographs, acts, composes! This for the artist can be lethal. Pressman describes this hideous conflict in his book of knowledge, and crystallizes the absolute necessity to detect, defuse, and destroy!

Many artists died by their own hand, while drawn into the abyss of other temptations, gazing into the prism of fame from a distance, the challenge is often to great to overcome and continue to create.

art-inspiration-writers-block-06Because it’s NOT an easy path, yet sooooo rewarding in ways that the 9-5’ers can not, will not understand. So it’s cool beyond belief. If you have the Steven Pressman mojo helping you fuel your drive and keep you going, in spite of walls, mountains, waves attempting to obstruct your momentum and prevent you from the personal success and satisfaction that is your destiny!

lao-tzu-quote-artist-inspiration-07This is crucial fuel in the Artist Arsenal of dynamite necessary for our propulsion into that exciting world where creativity and resistance are the ying and yang, the oil and water, the yes and no, the dark and light. Resistance does NOT work.

Stephen Pressfield says it best:
” The Enemy is a very good teacher” Artists need to make friends with this enemy, learn from it, and prosper!”

Where Nothing is Real

Let me take you down
Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry fields forever

Strawberry: symbolizes spring and rebirth, as well as righteousness and love.

Strawberry Fields. “Where nothing is real……”

Nothing becomes Something the minute the artist takes brush to canvas. In the musicians case it is the instrument the lyrics the notes the composition forming a harmonious blend of message and music transporting the listener to another level.

john-lennon-strawberry-fields-nyc-art-blog-dorsay-03The artist produces from that mystical source where nothing is real,  making it real, by producing the form in real time on canvas, stage, paper, or thru instrument.

It’s reality then becomes a shared quantity transcending its original thought. The source idea reigns supreme, as the illustration is witnessed and enjoyed.

John Lennon wrote many songs, and yet Strawberry Fields is one of his most popular. The lyrics, the tune, the magic of the message, cast a spell on listeners everywhere!

john-lennon-strawberry-fields-imagine-nyc-art-blog-dorsay-02Strawberry Fields, is a small tranquil place in Central Park directly across the street from the Dakota , the residence where John & Yoko lived before he was assassinated by a crazy fan in December 1984 Is one of the most popular tourist destinations in NYC, it is a strange combination of the old and the new where musicians strum guitars to the beat of vintage Lennon, kids take photos at the “Imagine” plaque, and old hippies, aka baby boomers, relax on benches, observing the scene, as they reminisce of latter days, where they partied, made love, danced, and dreamed to The Beatles infinite musical repertoire.

nyc-art-blog-dorsay-07It’s a cool place to visit now,  yet also a sad place, because it has become a shrine to a man who was killed because of his talent, his fame, his celebrity, which made him loved by many, hated by many, the object of envy, and a target for the crazies. The dark side of fame. And it is. The artist is creating protected, as a lone wolf, obscure and free, until he is discovered. Then everything changes. Fame becomes the enemy, the friend, the desired, the despicable. “Be careful what you wish for.” The artist then becomes a victim of the world, the society out there whose love he craved, whose admiration he dreamed of, can become the vampire draining his life’s blood. How to know?

No one I think is in my tree
I mean it must be high or low
That is you can’t you know, tune in
But it’s alright
That is I think it’s not too bad

john-lennon-yoko-strawberry-fields-nyc-art-blog-dorsay-04John was way too open and trusting as he and Yoko hung out in Central Park, strolled CPW, treating NYC as their new best friend. Yoko is still a resident at the famed Dakota! They had a love affair with NYC. How could they ever think it would be the city that destroyed his life by the act of a random fan ? They couldn’t. But it wouldn’t have changed a thing. He was still the John of Strawberry Fields Forever, Imagine, Lucy in the Sky, the White Album, and so many more, a cornucopia of music, giving the world new musical vistas for eternity!

Killing John Lennon. The man yes, the music Never!

modigliani-nyc-art-blog-dorsay-06Art IS forever. The artist is the venue, the tool, the  channel. But the Source from where this gift originates is so much more. The inspiration, or as writer Julia Cameron describes it – the “Vein of Gold”. This is why Van Gogh could keep on spilling his paint on undiscovered canvases hidden for many years after his premature death, why Picasso could create while freezing or burning in the squalor of  Bateau Lavoir, why “Le Dounier” – Rousseau  could paint while being mocked as an  object of ridicule while toiling days as a lowly clerk,  why Modigliani could paint masterpieces, while wasting away from illness in his Paris Garret studio, that are now being auctioned at Sotheby’s for over 100 Million !
beatles-nyc-art-blog-dorsay-07That Vein of Gold is a powerful lifeline to the artists creative source nourishing and providing an infinite abundance of wealth! John was struck down, and yet his Central Park Mecca remains 35 years later a place where he is very alive!
The artist remains eternally alive through the work he leaves behind.

John Lennon. Not a perfect person. Yet a perfect icon for future generations to “Imagine” as they visit one of his favorite places in the world.
Strawberry fields. Good Name. Good Song. Good Place.

Always, no sometimes, think it’s me
But you know I know when it’s a dream
I think I know I mean a yes
But it’s all wrong
That is I think I disagree

Strawberry Fields Forever.

Too Pretty? The Trap of Beauty

“The truth is ugly: we have art so as not to perish from the truth.” Nietzsche

art-artist-blog-inspiration-quotes-twombly-07Whenever I visit galleries which is often I find that I spend the most time gazing at a painting sculpture etc. that is the least pretty or beautiful or cute. The ones that capture my interest are either ugly, weird, or just downright confusing. Because yes, it’s true that we all like pretty, but pretty wears off fast, gets old, tired, and empty and we go hungering and thirsting after something heartier, more filling, more substantial. Paintings can be like that. Was Warhol pretty? Picasso was hideous, and Twombly just plain confusing, what about Richter? art-artist-blog-inspiration-quotes-chrissie-hynde-09Beautiful? I think NOT. Why do we love Patti Smith? Not because she is Sooooo pretty! But because she is way above and beyond I to the world of fascinating abstract soulful interesting capturing our hearts and our minds with her music and her LIFE STORY.

So, yes, Chrissie Hynde, one of the ultimate sexy Queens of Rock, is getting play with statements she is making about how singers today are nothing more than porn stars who sing. As they strip down to their bare nothingness while wailing usually a boring tinsel sounding melody that doesn’t really require much talent just nerve and the lack of an embarrassment gene.

Oh well. Hyde got it right. She never had to expose her body to be sexy, cool, popular, and desirable. never. ever.

Neither did Fleetwood Mac…
Or Joplin…
Or Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and Papas…
Or Carole King…
Or Linda Ronstadt…

I could go on and on and on….

You get the point!

art-artist-blog-inspiration-quotes-andre-masson-gradiva-1937-05Pretty is Not the Point. It’s the Anti point. helloooooooo

Art should be confusing odd different and unique. Warhol’s soup can was his. Sort of. Actually it belonged to all of us. That’s what made it cool.

Twombly so scribble scribbles are crazy and weird like,poll lacks splatter paintings bug again do to we relate more to dysfunction and chaos then we do to linear clean lines?????

Chrissie Hynde Mystery Achievement

art-artist-blog-inspiration-pollack-10Was not nyc more glam in the dirty scary seventies than it is now in its gentrified sterile prettiness?????? Of course. But the only people who know it are the ones who saw it back when . The millenniums and the gen y ‘s have no clue. As they try to be artists in this uber tech society with the grunge the grit the gory grotesque horror neatly cleaned up and filed down. Neatly cleaned up, filed away for future reference , only if and when necessary!

Jolie Laide – translated in English – pretty ugly. This means that a physically imperfect person exudes a sexy charm, a beauty that cannot art-artist-blog-inspiration-11be hidden by sterile perfection. This quality is actually sexier and more interesting than someone who is physically perfect. We see this in the modeling world where top models, like Kate Moss, Turlington, Twiggy, Penelope Tree, or any of the London models made famous during the age of Mary Quant and Piccadilly, during the Hippie Age of Drugs Sex and Rock n Roll, like Verushka, all made their fame and fortune spectacular in their unconventional look. That made them objects of fascination for everyone who wanted to be them, but just did not have that edge, that extra something. And that’s true in the art world as well. Perhaps it’s true in every aspect of life. One needs that Extra Something, the new, different, often irregular, offbeat, crazy, that makes people take notice. Otherwise it’s just same old same old. And that doesn’t make art!

“Fashion: a beautiful thing that becomes ugly. Art: an ugly thing that becomes ugly.”  Coco Chanel

art-artist-blog-inspiration-quotes-picasso-03Pretty. A compliment? I think not. More than likely a dismissal. An after thought. A crumb of “let’s pretend”. Who really wants to be pretty? What painting could be worthy of interest if it’s only claim to fame was pretty? Pretty doesn’t go far. It’s merely one step above cute.

Is Picasso pretty? Or Munch? Or Pollack? Or Rothko? Basquiet? Arbus? de Kooning? Kahlo?

Were Kerouac, Hemingway, Plath, Stein, Rimbaud, Billie Holliday, Langston Hughes, Zora Hurston, EE Cummings, Djuna Barnes, Bob Dylan!

We want the thing that gets our attention and makes us take notice. pretty doesn’t cut it.

Pretty weird or ugly or confusing or strange or complex or disturbing makes it something we want to look at harder, understand, get involved with, and then later in the midnight hours ponder wonder and consider what exactly was that I saw?

art-artist-blog-inspiration-quotes-frida-khalo-06Oscar Wilde said “No object is beautiful that under certain conditions will not look ugly”.

One could say that those conditions depend upon the viewer the mood the day the setting. It is all fluid and changeable. And mostly extremely individual. The thought of the viewer determines the experience. Beautiful can look ugly. Ugly can look beautiful. Perception is everything. But one studies ugly in a very different way, more focused, and involved. It’s someways to gloss over beauty. It’s obvious effect needs no further inspection.

I love still lives of Fantin Latour. Every flower is perfection. So real, in their detailed beauty, the viewer of his paintings can’t help but feel the paintings “prettyiness”. But they do not require much analysis. Nor do the wonderful Bonnard domestic scenes of early 20th century Provence life. No one will dispute the lush beauty of Renoirs women, or of Mary Quants children. In the moment one beholds the beauty, but moving away it is easily forgotten. Why is that?

The “Jolie-Laide” is missing.

Renowned art critic Clement Greenberg said “All profoundly original art looks ugly at first”.

art-artist-blog-inspiration-quotes-cocteau-01Looking at some of the older works of Ny artist Julien Schnabell prints in his book of memories called CV.J. I can’t find one pretty painting. Most are a melange of chaos on a canvas, broken plates, harsh words, confusing images, and muddy colors, and again broken plates! Not your everyday pretty painting. Suzanne Valdon’s bastard son, and sickly alchoholic, Utrillo, was a master of pretty paintings, still sold today as postcards and prints. His images of Montmartre, during the early 1900’s, appeals to the masses today as frame – able, hangable, non disturbing art. Guaranteed to decorate, promised not to disturb. And that’s OK.

art-artist-blog-inspiration-quotes-dekoonings-woman-02“They have to take a chance, everything they do is taking a chance, but they feel so much safer when they take it on something they know to be ugly, vain and stupid.”  Ayn Rand

We take that chance when we choose ugly art . It’s the safe route. Life is NOT pretty. Art is life. We want the Real Deal. Not the facade. Not the counterfeit. The pretty – ugly. the ugly- pretty. The ying and the yang. The Jolie Laide called LIFE, called ART!

The Gatekeeper in You

artist-life-inspiration-01Gatekeeper: a human who controls Access to something, like a city gate. But according to Webster the term is also used metaphorically, referring to people who decide whether a given message will be distributed by a mass medium. Like the internet for example.

Gatekeeper is an app that protects your Mac from adverse enemy apps. It is a protector, a barrier, a watcher. It keeps out the enemy and let’s in only friends.

Do you have a Gatekeeper in your art life? That conscious barrier allowing in only supportive art friendly visions and creative inspiration, while keeping out the malware lurking, waiting to intrude and destroy? If you don’t you should, because truth be told, every artist needs one. So easy to be pulled down from your creative high, to the dusty barren humdrum existence most experience, so easy to give up and resist your given road of reward, while tuning into the static, aiming, at you from society’s darts and arrows. KEEP IT OUT!!!!!! It’s mission is to contaminate, wound, and kill. Your dream. Which is YOU.

artist-life-inspiration-quote-02Your personal Gatekeeper stands alert aware and on guard, to any threat attempting to thwart your creative destiny. Don’t be a sitting duck waiting for the avalanche of naysayers, doubters, and haters praying for you to fail, give up, join the herd, and ride the train into oblivion with those who just don’t GET IT.

Warhol says that art is “anything you can get away with”. He was so right, wasn’t he? But you have to start with that conviction at jump, in order to carry you thru the dangerous gauntlet into success. Your Gatekeeper keeps those Debbie Downers and Doubters out of your Matrix, allowing you to persist and pursue your calling. Cluttering up your flow with the negative crap so many artists deal with from the outside only slows you down, dries up the creative juices, and prevents you from making art, leaving you barren and dry on your own proverbial desert. Which is exactly how they want it.

artist-life-inspiration-quotes-03The Gatekeeper let’s in your support team, your allies, while banning your enemy’s frozen facade of pretend interest. Artists work alone because art is not made in a crowd, with the voice of the multitudes cheering you on. The spirit is the individual creative glue that keeps the artist attached firmly to his/her vision. You are the art and the art is YOU.  It’s not part of a crowd. You are not one of the sheep in the herd following the pack off the cliff!

“Make the paintings for yourself and if some one agrees with you it’s a coincidence” Julien Schnabell from his book “C.V.J. It seems like plenty of people weren’t exactly digging his broken plate canvas spectacles. Yet he was his own Gatekeeper and did them anyway until somebody Got It!

artist-life-inspiration-04You can be your own Gatekeeper. Letting in who you want and banning those you don’t. Those who agree are IN. Those who don’t DON’T matter.

Most of us are in the Approval Admiration Club. The EGO loves to be Loved. It’s a trap for artists who also love to be loved yet being in the creative club of the soul, there is no guarantee that will happen. We may think our paintings are interesting but so what? If we rely on the opinions of Others we may be very disappointed and dismayed. Yet does it Matter? I say NO. IT DOES NOT. Anyone who claims “Artist” as their name does so without the approval or authority of OTHERS. The commercial game is an individual goal, a marketing game, based on the success myth where money is King and popularity is Queen.

artist-life-inspiration-05How we think about our art gives our personal Gate Keeper power. It can tear it down or build it up. Like the Gatekeepers who serve computers, there purpose is to keep out the hacker, the virus, the poison, and so do we, if we choose, share that purpose, continuing on our creative path preserving and protecting our chosen work.

Shakespeare had this locked down. As did Blake, Miller, O’Keefe, Picasso, Cassatt , Kahlo, ManRay, and today – Steve Jobs, Camille Paglia,  Zuckerberg , Sheryl Sandberg, Larry Page, and countless more creatives now thriving and working in a high tech state of the art world the past innovators could only dream of.

artist-life-inspiration-07So, being a Gatekeeper is serious. It allows you to continue on your artistic journey, keeping out the naysayers, the doubters, and the egomaniacs who can only relate legitimate work to dollars, popularity, and prestige.

Somehow I don’t think Van Gogh was thinking of these concerns while painting his psychedelic vision of Starry Night. Or Munch, expressing on canvas his eternal Scream, or Hopper’s stark scenes of solitude!

artist-life-inspiration-quote-09From an Arab proverb:
“The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers. Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?”

The genuine substance behind the artistic illustration. Upholding these questions helps the Gatekeeper choose their friends and dismiss their foes. The gate is open to the positive life source pushing and sustaining the artists blood.

Stand guard at the gate! Be your own Gatekeeper!

One and Only

genuis-artists-musicians-actors-inspiration-01“It’s easy to stand in the crowd, but it takes courage to stand alone” Mahatma Gandhi

One! Dylan, Patti Smith, Madonna, Picasso, Rumi, Marilyn, Chaplin, Gertrude Stein, Miller, O’Keefe, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Jobs, Joplin……..

One cannot be Undone.


unique-people-artists-musicians-actors-inspiration-02There is only One when it comes to the unique individual, who does, acts, creates, lives, in a different spectacular universe far removed from the rest of the rest. Encompassing the Best of the Best.
When these alien species appear, they are usually mocked, rejected, cast out, and scorned.
The masses just don’t get them. And – they are not supposed to.
But yet they persist like the crazy glue you can’t get unstuck from your hands.
They are extremely focused, loyal to their identity, used to the blowback received from peers and society clamoring for sameness, the pervasive herd mentality, yet commandeering their particular OneNess with overwhelming solidarity and singular ness, as they machete their way through the dense forest of criticism, denial, mockery, and rejection.
But still they persist.

The OneNess.

unique-people-artists-musicians-actors-inspiration-03Van Gogh had it. Michelangelo nailed it. Gertrude Stein invented it. Picasso owned it. Einstein invented it. Warhol flaunted it. Dylan folk singed it. Kerouac wrote it. Neil Cassidy drove it. EE Cummings rhymed it. Billie Holiday sang it. Emerson thought about it. Einstein hypothesized it. Freud analyzed it. Kerouac typed about it.

And we are still talking about these icons today. Because they are one of a kind. Unique, special rare, and everlasting. They are never disappearing into the abyss, as so many lesser personalities have done, but remained constant, with eternal, staying power, their destiny gave them, imprinted into infinity for all of us to share, learn, and reap the benefits of their unique Oneness!

Cool. Crazy Cool. The kind of cool that never warms up with the blasé cynicism of time.

unique-people-artists-musicians-actors-quotes-jobs-04ONE signifies the pioneer spirit of discovery! It’s revolutionary and life changing in theory and process . Who wants to run in a pack? Who wants to be a sheep when clearly it’s the sheep herder possessing the real power? But it takes guts, perseverance , creativity, solitude ,and self awareness, to separate from the sheep herd, and run alone.

One can be a lonely number, true, but it’s the ONLY number, existing for the trend setters, artists, and scientific geniuses of all time! The Kafka’s, the Jobs, the Edison’s, the Twains, the Thoureaus, the Pollocks, the Sontags, the Kahlos! No different from the great explorers of history, seeking new worlds in the abyss of the unknown.

unique-people-artists-musicians-actors-quotes-chaplain-05While the world seemed flat to most, for the explorers coming from their unique revolutionary experience of thought they knew that there was another theory waiting to be proven. And prove it they did. But it required charting unknown territories and blasting through the cemented thinking of popular opinion.
To be the One in a chosen destined field of creativity is to be blessed and cursed.

Like famed actor Robert Deniro told the graduating class at Tisch School of the Arts in NYC “you are fucked”! He would know!

unique-people-artists-musicians-actors-inspiration-07Following your dream, passion, fantasy, whatever you want to call it can be a lonely and torturous road. One beset with rejection, poverty, and disappointment. You have to put your Man Pants on if you want to crush it! You have to keep it moving, or you may fall off, never get back on your unique ride towards your individual destiny.

unique-people-artists-musicians-actors-quotes-stein-06But what’s the alternative?

When you are on a creative path you can get side tracked but will eventually get back on the right road. The one leading to your destination. The one that makes you who YOU are. The twists and turns are necessary roadblocks teaching and guiding on the way to greatness.

That’s the beauty and the magic of ONE.

It all starts

Kerfuffle Art & Money

“Art is what you can get away with”
Andy Warhol

most-expensive-art-money-artist-blog-01Picasso painting selling for 179 MILLION $$$$$$
Giacometti “Pointing Man”sculpture. 140 million!
What’s next? A Jeff Koons blowup dog on the block for a billion??? Oh wait they already did that.
“Art Market  Shady” so the headlines read. You Thinkkkk?
Money laundering , tax hideouts, all spell shady, and the astronomical money being paid for artworks today is intriguing if not downright suspicious. Because….One might ask?
munch-the-scream-auction-artist-blog-09Why are these phantom buyers spending like it’s going out of style for random paintings? And they are spending like there is no tomorrow!  Oh yes, hype tells us they are spectacular, beautiful, unique priceless, genius, but what does our gut tell us? It screams that these prices are a joke!
“All art is quite useless” said the infamous Oscar Wilde. Damn right.
It IS a luxury. It has become a crazy investment for the uber rich seeking ways to hide their ever flowing dirty money.
Makes me think of Lady GaGa’ s song “Dirty Money”.
warhol-dollar-sign-artist-blog-01“Beautiful, dirty dirty rich rich dirty dirty beautiful dirty rich”
She describes it as “a red light pornographic dance fight systematic, honey but we got no money”
She illumines the dichotomy of the gluttonous buying for self gratification theme,  with no real satisfaction because it’ s not really genuine. Hence —- Dirty Money.


Anyone with even minuscule brain cells, understands that these artworks are not worth this kind of bread. Not on any level of sanity,  and the painters of these works,  are laughing hysterically either in or out of their proverbial graves.
Such a joke on the public!  Yes, an  investment I guess, and  yes,  an activity for the wealthy to indulge their excess. Entertainment. But ! Do they love the painting, or expensive-art-money-artist-blog-02do they love the thrill of the game, the ego blast of ownership, the love of dabbling in the arts, because truth be told,  “those that can’t do teach” only substitute teach with BUY. Those That Can’t Do Buy! A kerfuffle indeed.
That word. It’s a real word folks, not made up. Webster says that kerfuffle is “a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views“. The Urban Dictionary says that kerfuffle is “a social imbroglio or brouhaha.” It can also be confusion, chaos, disagreement. Or a little bit of each. You decide.
warhol-and-friends-artist-blog-08This is how I see it . Because artists paint, sculpt, do their thing out of love, passion, or some natural genetic attraction, whatever their calling or motivation they just DO IT. Few are raking in big bucks, and  yet they pursue. Picasso met dealers repeatedly, often making them beg him for a price on a painting  they already had a buyer for. He was on a mission and it wasn’t to gratify greedy art dealers or satisfy a customers need to pretty up her dining room with a floral still life. On the other hand, Warhol was the ultimate consumer junkie. He loved the dollar and was not ashamed to profit whenever he could. He craved the wealthy socialites attention, the celebrity sycophants, flaunting  their abundant bank accounts, ready to spend on the hot new fad which of course was Andy Warhol in the sixties. Didn’t a recent painting  of his recently go for mega millions????? He sold a painting of a soup can and made people love it. Was it really about the can, the soup, the painting, or the Warhol persona?
merton-quote-artist-blog-05Impressions are everything!!!!!!  EVERYTHING!!!!!!. If something is perceived to be cool,  then chances are it IS cool, and then  everyone wants it. Warhol was freezing. He made Cool look Warm. There are no midpoints also known as average in the world of impressions. It is either Cool bordering on cold, ultimately freezing, OR hot, heading towards burning ! burn it up, or melt it down!! Warhol took it to sub zero and he  took the people with him. They say thatafter he died, when discovered, his townhouse revealed a five floor hoarding zone,  full of his Manhattan flea market pillargies, his Madison Avenue scavenger hunts, and a massive collection of pure junk. But who cared? The point is that he is Warhol,  and he made his impression in the concrete of NYC much like a handprint blazoned into wet cement leaving that permanent imprint for  eternity . And YES his painting of “Elvis” at Christies auction sold for 69.6 Million my friends!
steven-pressfield-war-of-art-artist-blog-11Jargon is always floating around to artist types about “just do it, don’t resist, follow your dream, passion is the thing”, I could go on and on , but you get the idea. Steve Pressfield, the artists guru of persistence vs. resistance, vows that the “enemy of creativity is resistance”, and then he lists his top ten Greatest Hits of the true artists play book, and they all are in direct and aggressive opposition to today’s Wild West of art commercialism and the rampant status symbol stepping stones to success! Pressfield makes a statement in his very COOL book, “The War of Art”, ” the artist cannot look to others to validate his efforts or his calling. If you don’t believe it, ask Van Gogh, who, produced masterpiece after masterpiece and never found a buyer in his lifetime.” He goes on to say “to labor in the arts for any reason other than life is prostitution.” Yet……
money-hoarding-rich-wealthy-artist-blog-07TODAY,  how does one live on such a dreamy fantastique philosophy, when the  cost of living is f’ing obscene?  Dylan could hang in greenwich Village on 20$ a week playing for pennies in the GV coffeehouses like the legendary GasLight on Macdougal Street, Basquiet could roam the barren alleys of SoHo, do graffiti, and be discovered in the clubs on the Bowery, and Blondie and Patti Smith could sing at CBGB for broke, and be discovered as superstars, while Jackson Pollack was networking in his drunken rages at the Cedar Tavern with the other New York School painters slumming it in Greenwich Village back when that was possible!
love-vs-money-artist-blog-06But hey, NYC isn’t what it used to be Dorothy! That’s over, and anyone trying to survive being an artist, today in the NYC State of Mind, will wake up real quick, when the rose colored glasses come off and reality sets in. The days of the Belle  Epoch, the Greenwich Village sixties, the Punk Bowery days eighties, the dirty,  freaky seventies, are long gone. Replaced by technology, social greed, excess of materialism, and the computer. It’s called progress baby! Deal with it!
So. I say as an artist that you are kind of in a unique position because you really don’t have a choice. Morphing into a greedy socialistic tool will screw you for good, and  yet starving in a box under the Williamsburg Bridge won’t exactly blow your socks off either!


Society beckons. The artist works alone. Kerfuffle.
Money is key to survival. Or is following your passion the REAL key? Kerfuffle.



None of the French impressionists were living like kings on mega millions while alive and yet it didn’t stop them. For them making their the art was their key to  survival not the money. Today in our commercial gluttonous driven society,  our vision is skewed , altered by tacky disposable items,  and quick efficient easy solutions, looking good surpasses feeling good and if you are not making money and a lot of it then what’s the point? This is an entirely polar opposite life style and mentality then what once was. Back in the day when geniuses were giving us their gifts of awe!
So for the kerfuffle led artist, he has to decide. Will he or she stay true to his primal identity, or will he sell out and be sold, gratifying himself with the money he gains at the price of the soul he had to sell? In Pressfield’s book, he describes a HACK this way:

“When the hack sits down to work, he doesn’t’ ask himself what’s in his own heart. He asks what’ s the market looking for. It can pay off being a hack. Given the depraved state of American culture, a slick dude can make millions being a hack. But even if you succeed , you lose, because you’ve sold out your Muse, and your Muse is You, the best part of yourself.”

Yes. And Yes. And Yes again.

Getting Committed to The Art of Book Choosing

henry-miller-books-01Choosing a book while browsing your favorite or not so favorite bookstore can be difficult. Oh you may say what are you talking about? You walk in, look around, see a book, buy it and leave. Heading towards your next spectacular NYC Paris London or Rome adventure.


This scenario JUST doesn’t happen.
Say Whaaaattt????


llowry-quotes-from-the-giver-02Nobody just walks in said bookstore, chooses said book, pays, and leaves with such easy breezy detachment, nonchalance, state of mind.
Unless of course they just don’t give a shit. Which is possible.
Especially today where digital rules.
But —-
Book choosing is SERIOUS stuff. It’s hardcore mental madness.
It’s a love affair.
It’s a philosophical journey.
It’s the right wine
It’s turning on a light
It’s the difference btwn today and yesterday
It’s knowledge vs ignorance
It’s turning off the pounding tv mindfuck
It’s A Commitment

books-vs-computers-03Well. True that. Also today it can be an expensive commitment. Meaning that even Amazon isn’t exactly book cheap though perhaps book cheaper than most book stores. And that’s great –Except real book folk enjoy the process.
The process of the journey to one’s favorite store. Perusing the book choices. The new fiction. The new non-fiction. The thinking, the contemplation, the surprise, wondering,holding, waiting for inspiration, the hunt, studying the synopsis on the back cover, wondering hmmmm is this for me? Or not? This can be a lengthy exploration of the mind that has very little to do with bland consumerism, the mechanics of your Apple gadget du jour, or the senseless impulse beach read purchase we are all guilty of.


silvia-beech-shop-04Book buying and painting buying share a common denominator. You are willing wanting wishing to PAY for an experience of the soul you will not get anywhere else. A new house won’t do it. A new pair of Loubatins won’t do it. A new wife won’t do it. Nor will the priciest Rolex in the store.
This is special. Rilke knew it. Hemingway got it. Miller owned it. Stein worshipped it. And Sylvia Beech in her iconic bookstore created a shrine to book lovers and writers everywhere.

people-in-bookstores-05You are going to read your way into a new experience, a familiar one, an insane journey, or a mental miasma, or a memory or a fantasy or a dream or a revelation . Be careful what you choose. This is Not a joke.
Could this be why many people DO NOT READ???

Unless they have to. For a test in school. Or instructions. Or an article in Cosmo. Or the news.
Not really in the same league.

Reading is a mind elevation, an exploration, and an exciting journey, that you must travel solo in order to really have a complete experience! That’s heavyyyyy.

the-strand-bookstore-06>> Artists are very much aware of the literary connection here. Our paintings are read by the viewers. Some like. Others dislike. Choosing a painting is no different than choosing a book . You, as the individual are confirming the profound realities that say – “this is interesting to ME . I want it. I will pay for it. I want to go on this journey.” This trip is personal and unique to you alone at the moment you make your decision. The non – reader might opt to minimize the unique process that goes into book choosing. That’s ok. They aren’t familiar with this extraordinary act . Maybe one day…….

4th-ave-nyc-book-seller-07So, I’m in McNally Jackson, which is a gorgeous bookshop in SoHo, Nyc, on Prince street. This is a biggie, as far as book choosing goes, because it’s not for me. And I have to get it right. I kind of know where I’m going with it, but haven’t zeroed in on the object of my affection so to speak. But I will. Point is we do this all the time. Choices. Whether books, art ,food ,clothes ,shoes, or movies . The personal power that makes us choose can’t be overstated. Money out of pocket, book into pocket, ideas into mind! It’s really an act involving so many facets — like intellect, economy, personality, entertainment, emotion,drama,time,place, influence…….I could go on and on.
Film director, and author, John Waters, makes bold “Out There” statements about his love affair with books. His rogue remarks are documented on posters, bags, and magnets, in every bookstore in the world. For example, he says – “seriously don’t get involved with a person who does not read.” Only he says it his way. That’s just how important this whole book thing really is.! And the choosing is the beginning. The embryo. Once the commitment is made ,the seed is planted!


Choosing a book is not like choosing a new purse, or shoe, or car. It is a choice of the soul-spirit and psyche. It’s art on the page. Like the painting you choose to hang on your wall. It’s not technology. It’s technique. It’s identity. It’s a way we expand our world!

So. Choose. WELL!

Narcissist Beat Down Reality Show Style

narcissism-its-all-about-me-01The Narcissist. ICK factor on steroids. A toxic poison that has flooded like a tsunami into our lives these days, drowning us with its vicious suffocating torturous chant of “MeMeMe” and then more of Me!

It’s nauseating to say the least, but popular, as it leeches into people’s minds like maggots feasting on garbage, thru the media, with it’s hyper self indulgent reality shows, it’s sickening, gluttonous food shows, it’s gossip rags, it’s Selfie Nation members, and it’s FaceBook worshippers. Yea, it’s all here and it is revolting, and to steal a popular quote from back in the day – Get Used to It! But only to those whose vision is amped up, actually see the spectacle as it is. The emperor minus the clothes trick. Meaning-  a joke on everybody. Everybody is getting played. The synchophanatic public media minions are being played for fools as these self- lovers get their thrills, their finances, their gaudy houses, their phony lovers,  and their heinous plastic faces, from JQPUBLIC!  HELLO……!!!???

facebook-narcissist-02Narcissism. Who even knew what that word meant 30 years ago? Or ten years ago? Not me. And I had a close relationship with one.  Intentionally, and innocently. A dangerous combo. The 4th cocktail you should NOT have drunk. The absinthe mixed with brandy, Toulouse Lautrec kept stashed in a vial in his walking stick, always available for easy consumption, also lethal. “The Maiden Blush, The Earthquake,” his death defying cocktail mixes were similar to the tightrope walking that people engage in with narcissists. One step over and you are a dead man. Or woman.

narcissist-test-03Who  could anticipate the  the trap,  that messy, nasty, ugly, mucky,  quicksand that engaging in a relationship with a narcissist could create?

Reality shows today depict these JackHoles as glamorous, wealthy, successful cool, people to be envied and imitated. We know that in reality, and I mean in Real Time, they are anything but cool. The Out of Time, Out of Mind Opposite!  Like the naive individuals who get trapped in the narcissist quicksand, the reality shows, of today’s television cable money machine  also trap the viewers in their own gravity defying void  of self-love indulgent shock value hype. The so -called misnomer -“reality shows ” is actual money, ego ,maniacal behavior, materialism, lust ,and superficiality posing  as a desirable quest where in truth, the reality is the unreality. Truth is Fiction in that world.

Are you getting it?

The truth is the lie.

The lie is the truth.

But it’s all good as long as JQ pays for it.


narcissist-traits-04The so-called misnomer of reality shows is actually non reality!  But years ago, nobody knew or cared about the danger of narcissist/sociopaths, while today the minions are equally naive about the danger of falling into the empty abyss that these reality shows , this Facebook Fantasy World, this Selfie obsession , can bring to the mental miasma of the everyday follower.

With each and every click of a Kim K story, a Beverly Hills HouseWhore, a Million-Air- Head matchmaker, an Atlanta hood housewive, or a Duggar – pay as we proliferate – it doesn’t matter who or what, fact is that  we are making them RICH. Giving  attention to those who have nothing except the straight out nerve to flaunt their shit on a public forum for us to “get jiggy with it.”UGH.

Truth hurts.

narcissistic-personality-disorder-05The viewer becomes a victim of the “narcissistic supply source ” the necessary crack cocaine fix that fills his crazy sicko need, satisfying the neurotic craving like any street crack head.

The reason these people put themselves out there is NARCISSISM. They need US to keep them alive,  breathing,  and worthy of the life they try to  live,  that is sooo not worthy.

It takes two to tango.

Kerouac needed Cassidy and vice versa.

Pollack needed his equally talented wife, Lee Krasner, to keep afloat, painting future masterpieces, until even she couldn’t save him!

selfie-narcissist-06Picasso, narcissist imperial , sucked the blood vampire style, out of every woman who had the misfortune to know him.

Gertrude Stein played Queen of the May to her lackey at command , Alice B.  Toklas , so she could experience the luxury of spinning out her repetitive literary drivel . And,  yes,  the rose remains a rose, no matter what.

Anais Nin, spent a lifetime recording her every mundane thought in journals, eventually published, recounting the narcissistic personality disorder afflicting her life, and destroying every relationship she fooled the naive into. How else would she manage to keep TWO husbands simultaneously???? Two husbands, multiple lovers, the most profound being her own love of HERSELF!!!!

teresa-guidice-flips-table-07The vampire needs a body to stay alive. The narcissist needs the minions supply, including neediness, low self esteem, dysfunction, attention, worship, praise, interest, admiration, in order to breathe, just  like the vampire needs  blood.

Noticing the increasing stories online, of the lovelorn,  their hideous experiences with narcissists,  over the past year I realized  that now that it has been exposed on many sociological levels,  from the bedroom to the boardroom,  television, cinema,  the internet,  the selfie, facebook,  it is out there ——

And needs to be checked!!!!!!

why-do-narcissists-ignore-you-10Anyone who has had the misfortune to be in a relationship with a Narcissist,  male, or female , has been Schooled! Aware  of its insidious danger. it’s Jekyll and Hyde duplicity, it’s empty shell psychosis, it’s un empathetic DNA ,  it’s insanity. Watch out! These TV shows,  and the selfie nation, the facebk phenomena,compadres, unified in their Me First needs,  are all components of the narcissist play book,  toxic  as powerfull arsenic, lethal as Lautrec’s EarthQuake Cocktail. ready to maim, kill, and destroy at the moment of pleasure !

lisa-vanderpump-09The Narc has no feelings of empathy for anyone . ANYONE. They just don’t give a shit. They play by their own invented sadistic rules. Other people do not count. The players in the “Reality”shows are no different. They care only about their image,  the mirror, the mask, the mirage,  they submit on their resume  to the needy public,  desperate to be entertained, empty lives, on the clock, numbed, coddled, pacified, as they watch people expose revolting examples of inhumanity, in their personal lives,  in the name of entertainment with payback. Or  paycheck. Ugh. It’s a No Fly Zone for the mind and if you enter – do so with caution because it’s extremely lethal.

patti-stranger-millionaire-matchmaker-08We may have the misfortune of watching ” NeNe ” and her sycophants,  or “Vanderpump” and her crew, ” Kimmye” and her ass, or the ” Millionaire Matchmaker”,  who seems to have a hard time getting matched up herself,  but poses as  an expert, to the unquestioning public, selling her shtick with her foul mouthed vulgarities pushing the desperate phonies into sudo fake relationships for their own narcissistic gain.

Who  wants to Meet a Millionaire?  she screeches ???!!!!!!

Have we really succumbed to that low level of desperation? Where we watch a woman who is Old and Single  to tell US how to find love? Yes we have and it’s pathetic. Narcissism. On. Steroids.

kardashian-narcissism-12Kim K? What IS that? Her ass, her sex partners, her fake wedding, her bikini wax, her new book “Selfish”????? Only today would something that irrelevant fly!

Where’s the LOVE? Not the self- love or a.k.a. love of self. The love we identify as Unconditional? Where did it go? The love William Blake  speaks of in his soulful poetry, or Kahlil Gibran in his epic, ” The Prophet”, or Henry Miller,  in his lusty tropics , or Kerouac in his journey down the “road”, or Hemingway,  sitting in La Closerie des Lilas in Paris, scribbling in his journals waiting for a breakthrough, or Rilke , poet incarnate,  lovelorn, wandering the lonely streets of Paris , scribbling poems , searching for his next meal,  or Armistead Maupin, describing his San Francisco tales of gay life in the  sixties, ” Tales of the City”,  or the indomitable Patty Smith in “Just Kids”,  her autobiographical story of  life with acclaimed photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe  in Greenwich  Village during the early 60’s. This was the Real Deal! No reality show necessary!

why-do-narcissists-ignore-you-10What we have now is an empty fake take on love , falsified by our reality tv icons , posing as cool and gorgeous and hip and rich,  selling their bs to the subservient public who make these idiots rich, famous, and popular,  by a mere click of the remote sending them further and further into fame and fortune. It’s a trivial pursuit of celebrity status , egos built on the publics shallow needs.

When will we stop? Will we stop?

Maybe it’s time for something new?

You THiNK????????

Bon Appetit!

overpriced-overhyped-foodHow did it happen that food became the new luxury item, to be desired with the excitement one would normally give an overpriced status symbol, be it a car, a watch, a handbag, a new pair of Louboutins, ocean front property, just to name a few. Well, now we can include food in this list of desirable expensive pleasures. And it starts at the bottom, working its way to the top. The organically grown, fed, nurtured at seed, the celebrity chef preparation, the five star, Michelin rated restaurant, the expensive gourmet grocery, all join in this new contemporary status food fest we are experiencing today. Yet we are told to watch our weight, constantly reminded of the dangers of obesity, while simultaneously being “fed”, pardon the pun, a non- stop media overload of cooking shows, celebrity chefs, eating contests, restaurant wars, makeovers, best thing ever eaten, the newest craziest food fad to come down the block, the list is endless.

overpriced-organic-food-trendTo eat or not. That is the question. Walk into a Nyc grocery today, pick up a lemon and check the price. You will go into shock. When did food become the newest luxury? Food. The staple of life. The bread and water we need to keep us alive. Who would have guessed that it would become so chic, so pretentious, so commercial? Who could have predicted this phenomena? Used to be, we ate to live, and some just ate more than others. Socrates said “we should eat to live, not live to eat” A pleasurable evening out in a restaurant used to be a once in a while occasion, not a hot passion driving us to the latest hot food fad! The overhyped-cheese-fanaticscheese addiction is an example of this food madness. Check out the cheese sections in any major grocery and we will be instantly transported on an excursion into the land of extravagant indulgences for the palate. It’s obscene because we have been manipulated by the media to make us want many of these food items that we not only do not really want, we definitely don’t need! Its a food lust fetish that defines one of the seven deadly sins. Gluttony! This lust and craving for food not for dietary purposes or sustenance but purely to “feel good” or status driven gives “gluttony” new meaning.

overhyped-food-black-trufflesThese pricey food items will bankrupt the average person quickly if they indulge. Think about it. Eating is a Verrry temporary quick pleasure ending almost as quickly as it begins. We are really satisfying the human hunger urge, and anything else is a bonus. A bonus with a steep pricetag. Those rich, decadent, expensive cheeses, that fresh water salmon flown in from Nova Scotia, those varied and exotic mushrooms, truffles, the top grade beef , Kobe or Wagu, fruit- the new indulgence, all pricey, all unnecessary. Let’s not even talk about the price of any food item that has “organic” attached to it. Out of control!

overpriced-food-bobby-flayIs it about impressing others, making ourselves feel better, obeying Ina Garten, or Guy Fieri, or the ubiquitous Bobby Flay “Cook what I cook”, it’s amazing, but wait — you need to spend $$$$$ in order to actually assemble the ingredients necessary. Sandra Lee tries to go practical, along with her peer, Rachel Ray, but they are in the minority. And do we really need to be told what to do with canned food? No. So the bottom line is, why do we watch these food shows? The Chopped, Iron chef, Padma and her various Top Chef contestants, all fighting, overhyped-food-on-food-networkspatula in hand, for the big bucks.? Is it because we feel some nostalgic comfort relating back to childhood, when mommy served us our meals? Back to childhood, Top Chef style. Is it really that thrilling watching people create food for money, or millionaire chefs tell us what and how to cook? This is their bread and butter. The food they create puts food on THEIR table! But what does it do for us? It’s their living. Their money pot. Food has an entirely different meaning and purpose for the celebrity chef, the television personality, the Michelin restauranteur, than it does for most people. We are just trying to figure out what to make for dinner, and it probably isn’t anything like Flay’s latest hot pepper encrusted fantasy, Pioneer Woman’s greasy, sloppy, cowhand ranchers delight, or Rachel Ray’s latest college dorm roommates casserole. Come on!!

money-or-foodTo make the food dilemma even more confusing we have Michelle Obama and her obesity campaign telling people what NOT to eat, slim down, lose weight! Talk about mixed messages! What goes on here? We can’t have it both ways, stuffing ourselves on Humbolt Fog cheese, AND lose 10 pounds. This double message is annoying. Yeah we all like to eat, but if we listen to the hype the Food Network delivers we will all be obese, shopping, preparing, cooking, ordering these tasty, high caloric, gourmet delicacies.

So. Choose. Break the bank food shopping for those yummy food items, Bobby and Giada, Ina and Mario tell us we have to eat in order to give our lives that extra added plus, that will make us feel so much better, that incredible meal in the celebrity chef’s temple you reserved a month in advance, that insanely good bottle of wine, that delectable truffle, that perfect rack of lamb! Just remember Not to get on the scale, or check your bank account afterwards, or you may be needing a dose of Pepto Bismol!
Bon Appetit!

Standing is the New Black!

standing-vs-sitting-01News flash! Sitting is really really bad for you. As bad, if not worse than SMOKING! I hear that the longer you sit during the course of a day, the closer you get to developing some scary diseases. Great. Another insurmountable frightening and impossible dilemma, that people have to either ignore, laugh at, or deal with. The news flash says “one must get up and walk around every hour for at least ten minutes” in order to keep out of the danger zone. It doesn’t explain how you tell your boss why you keep jumping up and walking around for no obvious reason, it just says that you better do it OR ELSE you are in for a world of pain!

But this is not the real issue is it? This sitting/standing conundrum. Isn’t this just the new “thing” the media has invented to screw with people’s heads, scare them Again, and throw them into a confused tailspin of anxiety????? No Shit Sherlock. Why has it taken all these years to figure this out if it’s soooo important to one’s health? A six year old can tell you that walking will expend more calories than sitting, or that standing, positions your body into a different form, or that lethargy is not that great for anyone-hence the old school term “couch potato” nothing new there.

Istanding-vs-sitting-02nteresting how the old becomes new and the new gets old. Computer use in business and the home has made sitting for hours at a time a given. It has created a “sitting culture.” That’s NEW. OLD is the idea that walking and standing, moving ones body is good for you! According to the recent news science gurus, doctors have recently discovered that sitting can KILL you. Oh, please, let’s break this down even more. Like for instance why NOW? So many dangerous things for us to contemplate. Right?  Smoking, booze, drugs, air, water, food, chemicals of all varieties, dust, weather, people, politics, sex,  the list is endless, and now add to it “sitting!” Wow.

standing-vs-sitting-03Many professionals have to sit as part of their professional pursuits. For hours. Most of us get up naturally to stretch our legs, walk around as part of our day, but not as a regimented fear -based routine. Or because it’s the cool thing to do. Or because Sanjay Gupta said so. So does this mean that in the workplace chairs should be removed for part of the day, as a forced requirement to get people healthier??

Is sitting now passe, like the pay phone booth, gas lighting, and the horse and buggy?  Going the way of vinyl, script, the Dewey Decimal System, paperback books, cd’s, letter writing, do we now include sitting? Sitting becoming that  old fashioned thing we used to do! Now we stand! It will become the new cool, the new black, the “what’s In” the kale, the wheatgrass, the big butt, the tattoo, the fedora, the ombré hair, the Williamsburg, latest hippest hottest!  It may sound bizarre, but many things that once seemed to be permanent fixtures of society have disappeared, remembered only by old folks.

standing-desks-for-the-office1But we know that it’s about the future. The past is history. Sitting it seems is getting old school. It is getting some bad rep. Jogging, gym use, spinning classes, being fit, has increasingly become the norm. It’s only the sluggish, uninformed, un disciplined who haven’t figured out their sport of choice, their thing they do that keeps them upright. Vertical is hip. Horizontal – not so much. And now it’s confirmed by the experts, which gives it instant credibility!

man-ray-standing-in-darkroomWriters sit. A lot. Painters stand. A lot. Chefs, stand. Always.  Musicians both sit and stand.  Potters sit. Gurus sit. Cat Stevens, now, Yusuf Islam sings about “Sitting”. “Sitting on my own not by myself, everyone’s here with me” he states the obvious, but then goes on to recant that “we’re right back where we started from”. Hmmm. History.  Most jobs will involve a standing -sitting balance occurring naturally during the course of a day. It’s not a big deal. But when we are told by society’s powers that be, that suddenly it IS a big deal! Stop sitting! Then it becomes a very different situation. In corporate, the business world, in tech jobs, and more. So what’s the answer? New office spaces designed for standing room only? Used to be that was the punishment for not affording a theatre ticket, or getting to the show late after everyone was seated! It could be that it is the new normal. The new black. The new cool thing. We don’t want to get caught sitting after all it’s NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

Pablo-Picasso-Les-Demoiselles-dAvignon-1907When I think of life in a World where standing, walking, running, skipping, hopping, jumping become the way to go, the healthy, cutting edge standard, it’s not such a far out concept. We could reach that reality, sooner rather than later! It’s no different from the recent taboos focused on – red meat, soda, asbestos, eggs, cigarettes, water, fruit juice, veal….the list goes on and on.

Back in the day so to speak, due to practical necessity, people used their bodies in an upright, mobile functional way out of need, not desire. One had to farm, to hunt, to walk, to run, to climb, to carry, to build. Physical activity was never an option. It was Necessity! If you wanted to eat! Today’s ultimate uber technological conveniences have made us lazy, passive, and dumbed down. It is progress, but the potential of it could be very problematic. As we become intellectually more defendant on machines, the new shortcut to thinking, we also  spend more time sitting, as we stare at the screen, our contemporary social, professional, economical lifeline. This covers all professions, art being up there. A push of a button, and the graphic artist creates. This is so far removed from the master photographers Brassai, or Man Ray, Arbus, Steichen, toiling away for hours in their prehistoric dark rooms, waitingcolonial-farmers for the magic to do its work and reveal the photo waiting to appear from the chemicals. Digital makes that process obsolete. It’s fast, functional, and perfection is the goal. It’s the way today!

Just like Sitting. It’s the way today.

So, stand, get up, STAND, get going, don’t be a slacker, because, After all, if Sitting is the New Smoking, then  –  Standing Is the New Black!

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