Are you THAT hungry??

Ever been riding the train engrossed in your latest Hot Pick on your E reader when suddenly you are overcome with a surprisingly pungent smell of something one expects to encounter in a kitchen in Chinatown or a food truck on the Bowery or your local coffee shop where the aroma of fried grease is a given ? Something really STINKS! This is the story of my life riding home on the trains of NYC. One night I am poised on my seat, nook book in hand when BAM!! An overwhelming stench evades my nostrils. Looking around subtly for the source I spy the woman sitting diagonally across from me diving into a tray of food…  Really going at it! AH HAH! So now I know where that awful stench is coming from. Which is not really the issue – it’s more the horror of eating ANYTHING on the filthy NYC train! Ugh. Gross! You mean you can’t wait to get home or somewhere – even a park bench? The steps of Union Square Park?, the chairs at Whole Foods?, The aisles of Barnes  & Noble to eat? But NOOoo you decide to do it on the train? What the hell are you thinking? You are subjecting others to the smell and the reminder of how dirty train eating is in the first place? There are places made to do specific things in cities. I paint in my studio. I eat at home or in a restaurant. Trains are for riding – Not for dining. Especially in NYC. Really dude wait till you get home! Nobody wants to watch you eat or smell your food while riding the filthy subway! We just want to get to where we need to go without the company of dirty train eaters making us nauseous and turning our ride into an even more torturous experience than need be. So please take your head out of your food tray or paper bag, or carton, and look around. It’s a TRAIN not a restaurant!!!

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