About the Artist

pop-artist-nycWorking for more than 35 years at her craft, Joy D’Orsay is a self taught painter and has created vibrant paintings which are as alive as the world she livesĀ in. The works are of varying sizes on canvas and paper and incorporate collage style art using acrylics and inks.

With bold, iconic images, aggressive colors, and free fall design, D’Orsay paints individual stories for the viewer to interpret as he or she chooses. She injects whimsy and pop into the hardness of urban life resulting in images that are striking and alive, immediately transporting the viewer into the canvas and on the unique journey each painting represents. There is no beginning, middle, or end but rather a spontaneous flow of ideas simultaneously meeting to present a complete story to the viewer.

D’Orsay’s work is inspired by the Beat writers, the Bohemian artists of Greenwich Village, and the expatriates of Paris at the turn of the last century–writers whose literary journeys she grew up reading. The sounds of 1960’s rock n’ roll and the groundbreaking poetry of E.E. Cummings have also influenced D’Orsay’s work and point of view. Her art is a journey through paint, canvas, and paper, into the mind, where the public and private blend to create a complex story. Like her literary influences, the art of D’Orsay is meant to be “read” and to take the reader into the artist’s world completely, allowing them to experience the painting rather than simply look at it.

After many years of selling and showing her work privately, Joy D’Orsay is offering her work to the public. Select original paintings are now available for sale. Please contact us for quotes or more information.

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